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Call for Exhibits
Saarbrücken 31 July - 4 August, 2000

As part of the COLING conference, we plan to offer demonstrations and an exhibition of experimental software systems, research tools, digital linguistic ressources and language technology products.

The Organizational Committee would like to receive proposals for demos and exhibits. We will try to accomodate as many demos/exhibits as possible. Depending on the number of submitted proposals, we may have to apply some selection criteria such as novelty, usefulness and economic potential.

There will be no charge for exhibits if the systems are demonstrated on the exhibitor's machine and if the setup and running does not require resources in addition to electricity from a regular power outlet (220-250 V AC 50 Hz). The host institutions will charge a reasonable fee for any use of their machinery, net access, and human assistance.

Electronic submission will be greatly appreciated. Please send your submission to


Submission deadline: 31 January 2000
Notification to proposers: 15 February 2000

Guidelines for Preparing Submissions:

The submission should contain information about:

  • Mode of demonstration (one-time demo or exhibit for the duration of the conference)
  • Name of the System (acronym and/or full name)
  • Name of the creator (person(s) and/or company)
  • Type of exhibit (experimental system, application prototype, software tool for research, digital linguistic ressource, product containing language technology components)
  • Purpose (translation of abstracts, speech command recognition for heavy machinery,...)
  • Language(s) (Polish, Thai, Spanish, ...)
  • Technological description (RST text parser, neural-net-based style checker, finite-state morphological generator, speech-act annotated dialogues, ...

It may also be helpful if you could add information on:

  • Start of development (when did the implementation start)
  • version info (date and number of version to be shown)
  • information on the status of the (first proof-of-concept demonstrator, widely distributed research tool, product prototype, product beta release)
  • relevance of the demo/exhibit (if not obvious you may add remarks on the usefulness, novelty, and/or economic potential of your system
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