Dear Authors,

The preparation of the manuscripts for the proceedings should not impose much additional work on you. To ensure this, we ask you to please read this letter carefully despite its length.

We would like you to use the same style guidelines and therefore the same style files and templates that were prescribed in the call for papers.

The instructions can be found at

The reason for getting in touch with you before the submission of the final camera-ready versions is the large number of problems we experienced when we checked the electronic submissions to the CFP. Nearly all of these problems were due to missing fonts. Every font that is not among the 14 standard fonts installed on printers in the US or in Western-Europe has to be explicitly "included" in the file (please refer to We will not be able to acquire missing fonts in time for the publication. If you are not in Europe or Western Europe, the standard fonts on your PS printers may be different, so that you will not be able to detect missing fonts by just printing the file on your machines.

  • Microsoft-whatever users and Mac Users should use the options "Postscript Level 2", "PS Archive Format", "Include Eastern Fonts" and "Include All Fonts" where available.
  • TeX users should try to use the outline versions of computer modern fonts (and _include_ them). This will result in better printing quality and portability. This can be done with all _modern_ TeX installations with the proper dvips options.

If you use non-standard fonts, complex illustrations, or if you have other reasons to be worried about printing your file on our printers, you may send us a pre-final version or a test file anytime before the final submission date. We will check the manuscript and send you a reply with our findings.

You may also send a printed copy on A4 paper instead of or in addition to your electronic submission as long as it arrives before the final deadline.

The final camera-ready manuscripts need to be sent to before 15 June 2000. Due to time constraints with the printers, we had to move this date ahead of original planning. We will not be able to include manuscripts which arrive after this date. Please take advantage of our offer to do an early check on the printability of your paper.

More reminders:

We would STRONGLY PREFER getting POSTSCRIPT files as many problems with the submitted papers came from improper PS->PDF conversions done by the authors.

  • The paper format needs to be set to A4 (not letter).
  • Check all places at which names of authors, systems and references to your own work were omitted.
  • If you use MS Word, please remember to center a single author on the front page.
  • The manuscript must NOT display page numbers;
  • Please stay within the prescribed length limits, i.e. regular papers: 7 pages, project notes and demos: 5 pages (sorry, no exceptions).
  • Please do not solve space problems by reducing font sizes.

Questions of technical nature may be sent anytime to . Jan Timm, who solved many problems with the conversion of the original electronic submissions, will try to provide advice.

Please address any other questions to

I wish you good luck with the preparation of your manuscripts and am looking forward to seeing you in Saarbrücken.

With best regards,

Hans Uszkoreit
Chair Organizing Committee

P.S.: Please don't forget to register for COLING at or go directly to

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