Project Notes & Demo


Jan Amtrup, Karine Megerdoomian, Rémi Zajac
Rapid Development of Translation Tools:
Application to Persian and Turkish

Igor Boguslavsky, Svetlana Grigorieva, Nikolai Grigoriev,
Leonid Kreidlin, Nadezhda Frid

Dependency Treebank for Russian: Concept,Tools, Types of Information

Jo Calder
Thistle and Interarbora

Michael Carl
A Model of Competence for Corpus-Based Machine Translation

Jeongwon Cha, Geunbae Lee
Structural disambiguation of morpho-syntactic
categorial parsing for Korean

Gerald Chao, Michael G. Dyer
Robust Semantic Construction

Jim Cowie, Evgeny Ludovyk, Sergei Nirenburg,
Hugo Molina-Salgado

The week at a glance - cross-language cross
document information extraction and translation

Walker D., D. Petitpierre and S. Armstrong
XMLTrans: a Java-based XML Transformation
Language for Structured Data

Hoa Trang Dang, Karin Kipper and Martha Palmer
Integrating compositional semantics into a verb lexicon

Marc Dymetman, Frederic Tendeau
Context-free grammar rewriting and the
transfer of packed linguistic representations

John Elliott, Eric Atwell, Bill Whyte
Language identification in unknown signals

Kilian Foth, Wolfgang Menzel and Horia F. Pop and Ingo Schroeder
Incremental Analysis Using Robust Parsing Techniques

Alexander Franz, Keiko Horiguchi, Lei Duan,
Doris Ecker, Eugene Koontz, Kazami Uchida

An Integrated Architecture for
Example-Based Machine Translation

Antje Helfrich, Bradley Music
Challenges of large-scale grammar-checker development

Christopher Hogan, Robert Frederking
WebDIPLOMAT: A Web-Based Interactive Machine Translation System

Bernd Kiefer, Hans-Ulrich Krieger, Melanie Siegel
An HPSG-to-CFG Approximation of Japanese

Byeongchang Kim, Geunbae Lee
Decision-Tree based Error Correction for
Statistical Phrase Break Prediction in Korean

Esther Koenig, Wolfgang Lezius
A Description Language for Syntactically Annotated Corpora

Yevgeny Ludovik, Ron Zacharski
MT and Topic-Based Techniques to Enhance Speech
Recognition System for Professional Translators

Hiroshi Masuichi, Raymond Flournoy,
Stefan Kaufmann, Stanley Peters

A Bootstrapping Method for Extracting Bilingual Text Pairs

Hidetsugu Nanba, Manabu Okumura
Producing More Readable Extracts by Revising Them

Rani Nelken, Nissim Francez
Querying Temporal Databases Using Controlled Natural Language

Sonja Niessen, Hermann Ney
Improving SMT quality with morpho-syntactical analysis

Franz Josef Och, Hermann Ney
A Comparison of Alignment Models for Statistical Machine Translation

Matthias Rehm, Karl Ulrich Goecke
Perception, Concepts and Language: RoAD and IPaGe

Won-Ho Ryu, Jin-Dong Kim, Hae-Chang Rim, Heui-Seok Lim
An Efficient Tool for Building Large Part-Of-Speech Annotated Corpus

Satoshi Sekine
Japanese Named Entity Extraction Evaluation: Analysis of Results

Svetlana Sheremetyeva, Sergei Nirenburg
Interactive Acquisition of a Language Computational Model for NLP

Joerg Spilker, Martin Klarner, Guenther Goerz
Processing Self Corrections in a speech to speech system

Carole Tiberius, Lynne Cahill
Incorporating Metaphonemes in a Multilingual Lexicon

Benjamin K. Tsou, Tom B. Y. Lai, Samuel W. K. Chan,
Sin K. K., Lawrence Y. L. Cheung, Ko K. T., Gary
K. K. Chan, Gao W. J.

Jurilinguistic Engineering in Cantonese Chinese:
An N-gram-based Speech to Text Conversion System

Stephan Vogel, Hermann Ney
Construction of a Hierarchical Translation Memory

Hua Wu, Taiyi Huang, Bo Xu
Chinese Generation in a Spoken DIalogue Translation System

Alexander Yeh
Comparing a memory-based and a transformation
rule-based learner on finding grammatical relations with
limited amounts of annotated training data