Coling 2000 Programme

with Session Chairs


 Monday, 31 July 2000 

8:30 h
10:00 h
Opening Session
10:30 h
Intro Hans Uszkoreit

Invited Talk
The Hedgehog and the Fox: Language Technology and the Knowledge of Language [more]

Fernando Pereiera

11:30 h
11:45 h

Project Notes

Mark-Jan Nederhoff

Project Notes 

Paul Buitelaar

Project Notes 

Graeme Hirst

Project Notes 

Wolfgang Menzel

Project Notes 

Note: Acquisition of a
Language Computational 
Model for NLP

Svetlana Sheremetyeva, Sergei Nirenburg

Note: Integrating Compositional
Semantics into a Verb 

Hoa Trang Dang, Karin Kipper, Martha Palmer

Note: Robust Semantic

Michael Schiehlen

Note: A Bootstrapping Method
for Extracting Bilingual
Text Pairs

Hiroshi Masuichi, Raymond Flournoy,
Stefan Kaufmann, Stanley Peters

12:30 h

Lauri Karttunen

Machine Learning

Rens Bod 


Kimmo Koskenniemi


Alex Lascarides

14:00 h

Regular Papers

A Word-grammar based 
Morphological Analyzer for 
Agglutinative Languages

I. Aduriz, E. Agirre, I. Aldezabal, I. Alegria, 
X. Arregi, J. M. Arriola, X. Artola, K. Gojenola, 
A. Maritxalar, K. Sarasola, M. Urkia

Explaining Away Ambiguity: 
Learning Verb Selectional 
Preference with Bayesian

Massimiliano Ciaramita, Mark Johnson

Kana-Kanji Conversion System with Input Support Based on Prediction

Yumi Ichimura, Yoshimi Saito,
Kazuhiro Kimura, Hideki Hirakawa

On UNL as the Future "html of 
the Linguistic Content" and the 
Reuse of Existing NLP 
Components in UNL-related 
Applications with the Example 
of a UNL-French Deconverter

Gilles Sérasset, Christian Boitet 

Statistical Morphological
Disambiguation for 
Agglutinative Languages

Dilek Z. Hakkani-Tür, Kemal Oflazer, 
Gökhan Tür 

Clustering Verbs
Semantically According to 
their Alternation Behaviour

Sabine Schulte im Walde

An English to Korean Transliteration Model of Extended Markov Window 

SungYoung Jung,SungLim Hong,
Eunok Paek 

Boosting Variant 
Recognition with Light 

Cécile Fabre, Christian Jacquemin

Morphological Rule 
Induction for Terminology 

Béatrice Daille

Learning Word Clusters 
from Data Types

Paolo Allegrini,
Simonetta Montemagni, Vito Pirrelli

Representation and Recognition Method for Multi-Word Translation Units in a Korean-to-Japanese MT System

Kyonghi Moon, Jong-Hyeok Lee

Creating a Universal Networking Language Module within an Advanced NLP System

Igor Boguslavsky, Nadezhda Frid,
Leonid Iomdin, Leonid Kreidlin, Irina Sagalova,
Victor Sizov 

15:40 h
Machine Translation

Sergei Nirenburg

Machine Learning

David Yarovsky

Dialog & Discourse

Bonnie Webber

16:00 h

Regular Papers

Word Re-ordering and DP-
based Search in Statistical 
Machine Translation

Christoph Tillmann, Hermann Ney

Extracting semantic clusters
from the alignment of 

Gerardo Sierra, John McNaught 

Extending a Formal and
Computational Model of
Rhetorical Structure Theory
with Intentional Structures à la
Grosz and Sidner

Daniel Marcu 

Chart-Based Transfer Rule Application in Machine Translation

Adam Meyers,
Michiko Kosaka, Ralph Grishman

Automatic Extraction of
Semantic Relations from
Specialized Corpora 

Aristomenis Thanopoulos,
Nikos Fakotakis, George Kokkinakis

An Empirical Investigation of the Relation between Discourse Structure and Co-Reference

Dan Cristea, Nancy Ide, Daniel Marcu,
Valentin Tablan 

The Effects of Word Order
and Segmentation on
Translation Retrieval

Timothy Baldwin, Hozumi Tanaka 

Automatic Semantic
Sequence Extraction from
Unrestricted Non-Tagged

Shiho Nobesawa,
Hiroaki Saito, Masakazu Nakanishi 


Renate Henschel,
Hua Cheng, Massimo Poesio 

17:40 h

 Tuesday, 1 August 2000 

Machine Learning

 Christer Samuelsson


Remi Zajac


Aravind Joshi

Dialog & Discourse

Laurent Romary

9:00 h

Regular Papers

Automatic Semantic
Classification for Chinese
Unknown Compound Nouns

Keh-jiann Chen, Chao-jan Chen

DiaSumm: Flexible
Summarization of
Spontaneous Dialogues in
Unrestricted Domains

Klaus Zechner, Alex Waibel 

Parsing Schemata for 
Grammars with Variable
Number and Order of 

Karl-Michael Schneider

Text Genre Detection 
Using Common Word 

Efstathios Stamatatos,
Nikos Fakotakis, George Kokkinakis 

Experiments in Automated
Lexicon Building for Text

Barry Schiffman, Kathleen R McKeown

A Multilingual 

Hsin-Hsi Chen, Chuan-Jie Lin 

A class-based probabilistic
approach to structural

Stephen Clark, David Weir

Making Sense of
Reference to the

Helen Seville, Allan Ramsay

Named Entity Chunking
Techniques in Supervised 
learning for Japanese
Named Entity Recognition

Manabu Sassano, Takehito Utsuro

Multi-Topic Multi-Document

Masao Utiyama, Kôiti Hasida

The use of instrumentation
in grammar engineering

Norbert Bröker

Automatic Optimization of
Dialogue Management

Diane J. Litman, Michael S. Kearns,
Satinder Singh, Marilyn A. Walker

10:40 h
Machine Learning

Günter Neumann


Kathy McKeown


Kemal Oflazer


Gertjan van Noord

11:00 h

Regular Papers

Applying System
Combination to Base Noun
Phrase Identification

Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang, 
Walter Daelemans, Hervé Déjean,
Rob Koeling, Yuval Krymolowski,
Vasin Punyakanok, Dan Roth

Toward the "At-a-glance"
Summarization Method

Yoshihiro Ueda, Mamiko Oka, 
Takahiro Koyama, Tadanobu Miyauchi

Identifying Temporal
Expression and its Syntactic
Role Using FST and Lexical
Data from Corpus

Juntae Yoon,Yoonkwan Kim, 
Mansuk Song 

Multilinguality in a Text 
Generation System for
Three Slavic Languages

Geert-Jan Kruijff, Elke Teich, John Bateman, 
Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Hana Skoumalová, 
Serge Sharoff, Lena Sokolova, Tony Hartley, 
Kamenka Staykova, Jirí Hana 

Word Order Acquisition
from Corpora

Kiyotaka Uchimoto, Masaki Murata,
Qing Ma, Satoshi Sekine, Hitoshi Isahara

The effects of analysing
cohesion on document

Branimir K. Boguraev, Mary S. Neff

A Fomalism for Universal 
Segmentation of Text

Julien Quint

Exploiting a Probabilistic
Hierarchical Model for

Srinivas Bangalore, Owen Rambow

Automatic Extraction of
Subcategorization Frames
for Czech

Anoop Sarkar, Daniel Zeman

The Automated Acquisition
of Topic Signatures for Text

Chin-Yew Lin, Eduard Hovy

Robust Segmentation of 
Japanese Text into a Lattice for 

Gary Kacmarcik,
Chris Brockett, Hisami Suzuki 

Re-using an ontology to
generate numeral

Francis Bond, Kyonghee Paik

12:40 h
14:00 h

Project Notes

Petr Sgall

Note: Incorporating Metaphonemes
in a Multilingual Lexicon

Carole Tiberius, Lynne Cahill


Antonio Zampolli

Note: Perception, Concepts and 
Language: RoAD and IPaGe

Matthias Rehm, Karl Ulrich Goecke

Herlmut Schnelle

Note: A Model of Competence
for Corpus-Based Machine 

Michael Carl

Christian Boitet

Demo: Querying Temporal
Databases Using Controlled
Natural Language

Rani Nelken, Nissim Francez

Note: Comparing Two Trainable Grammatical Relations Finders

Alexander Yeh

Note: Language identification in unknown signals

John Elliott, Eric Atwell, Bill Whyte

Note: Chinese Generation in a Spoken Dialogue Translation System

Hua Wu, Taiyi Huang, Chengqing Zong, Bo Xu

Demo: Design and Evaluation
of Grammar Checkers in 
Multiple Languages

Antje Helfrich, Bradley Music

Note: Japanese Named Entity Extraction Evaluation - Analysis of Results - 

Satoshi Sekine, Yoshio Eriguchi

Note: Processing Self Corrections in 
a speech to speech system

Jörg Spilker, Martin Klarner, Günther Görz

Note: WebDIPLOMAT: A Web-
Based Interactive Machine
Translation System

Christopher Hogan, Robert Frederking

Demo: KCAT: A Korean Corpus Annotating Tool Minimizing Human Intervention 

Won-Ho Ryu, Jin-Dong Kim, Hae-Chang Rim, Heui-Seok Lim

Note: Producing More eadable
Extracts by Revising Them

Hidetsugu Nanba, Manabu Okumura

Note: Jurilinguistic Engineering in Cantonese Chinese: An N-
gram- based Speech to Text
Transcription System

Benjamin K. T'sou, K. K. Sin, 
Samuel W. K. Chan, Tom B. Y. Lai, C. Lun, 
K. T. Ko, Gary K. K. Chan, 
Lawrence Y. L. Cheung 

Note: An Integrated Architecture for
Example-Based Machine 

Alexander Franz, Keiko Horiguchi, Lei Duan,
Doris Ecker, Eugene Koontz, Kazami Uchida

Demo: A Description Language for Syntactically Annotated 
Corpora Demo

Esther König, Wolfgang Lezius

15:40 h
Machine Translation

Mounira Loughraieb


Ron Kaplan


Ivan Sag

16:00 h

Regular Papers

Automated Generalization
of Translation Examples

Ralf D. Brown

Aspects of Pattern-matching
in Data-Oriented Parsing

Guy De Pauw

An ontology of
systematic relations for a
shared grammar of Slavic

Tania Avgustinova, Hans Uszkoreit

International Cooperation in Computational Linguistics [more]

Antonio Zampolli

Finding Structural
Correspondences from
Bilingual Parsed Corpus for
Corpus-based Translation

Hideo Watanabe,
Sadao Kurohashi, Eiji Aramaki

A Hybrid Japanese Parser
with Hand-crafted Grammar
and Statistics

Hiroshi Kanayama, Kentaro Torisawa,
Yutaka Mitsuishi, Jun-ichi Tsujii

Selectional Restrictions

Ion Androutsopoulos, Robert Dale

Learning to Select a
Good Translation

Dan Tidhar, Uwe Küssner

An Empirical Evaluation

Rens Bod

Formal Syntax and
Semantics of Case Stacking

Christian Ebert, Marcus Kracht

17:40 h

 Wednesday, 2 August 2000 


All-day excursion to Strasbourg



Thursday, 3 August 2000 

Machine Learning

Matt Crocker


Hermann Ney

Multi-topic Sessions

Yuji Matsumoto


Harry Bunt

9:00 h

Regular Papers

ABL: Alignment-Based

Menno van Zaanen

Flexible Mixed-Initiative
Dialogue Management using
Concept-Level Confidence
Measures of Speech
Recognizer Output

Kazunori Komatani, Tatsuya Kawahara

Using a broad-coverage
parser for word-breaking
in Japanese

Hisami Suzuki, Chris Brockett, 
Gary Kacmarcik

Chart Parsing and 

Frank Morawietz

Automatic Lexical Acquisition
Based on Statistical 

Suzanne Stevenson, Paola Merlo

Combination of n-grams and 
stochastic context-free 
grammars for language

José-Miguel Benedí, Joan-Andreu Sánchez

A Formal Semantics for
Generating and Editing Plurals

Paul Piwek

Informed Parsing for Coordination with Combinatory Categorial Grammar

Jong C. Park, Hyung Joon Cho 

Automatic Acquisition of
Domain Knowledge for
Information Extraction 

Roman Yangarber, Ralph Grishman, 
Pasi Tapanainen, Silja Huttunen

A Dynamic Language Model
Based on Individual Word 

Elvira I. Sicilia-Garcia, Ji Ming, F.J. Smith 

English-to-Korean Transliteration using Multiple Unbounded Overlapping Phoneme Chunks 

In-Ho Kang, GilChang Kim

Compact non-left-recursive 
grammars using the selective 
left-corner transform
and factoring

Mark Johnson, Brian Roark

Machine Learning

Pierre Isabelle

Metonomy and Disambiguation

Walter von Hahn

Information Extraction

Hozumi Tanaka 

Multi-topic Sessions 

Wolfgang Wahlster

11:00 h

Regular Papers

Theory Refinement and 
Natural Language Learning

Hervé Déjean

A Statistical Approach to the 
Processing of Metonymy

Masao Utiyama, 
Masaki Murata, Hitoshi Isahara

A Method of Measuring Term 
Representativeness - Baseline
Method Using Co- occurrence
Distribution - 

Toru Hisamitsu, 
Yoshiki Niwa, Jun-ichi Tsujii

Deletions and their 
reconstruction in 
tectogrammatical syntactic 
tagging of very large corpora

Eva Hajicová, Markéta Ceplová

Automatic Corpus-Based Thai 
Word Extraction with the C4.5 
Learning Algorithm

Virach Sornlertlamvanich, Tanapong Potipiti,
Thatsanee Charoenporn

A Client/Server Architecture
for Word Sense 

Caroline Brun

Learning Semantic-Level Information Extraction Rules by Type-Oriented ILP

Yutaka Sasaki,Yoshihiro Matsuo

Directional constraint Evaluation in
Optimality Theory

Jason Eisner

A Rule Induction Approach to
Modeling Regional
Pronunciation Variation 

Véronique Hoste,
Steven Gillis, Walter Daelemans

Word Sense Disambiguation of 
Adjectives Using Probabilistic 

Gerald Chao, Michael G. Dyer

Extracting the Names of Genes
and Gene Products with a 
Hidden Markov Model

Nigel Collier,
Chikashi Nobata, Jun-ichi Tsujii

Granularity Effects in 
Tense Translation

Michael Schiehlen

12:40 h
14:00 h

Project Notes

Robert Frederking

Note: An HPSG-to-CFG 
Approximation of Japanese 

Bernd Kiefer, Hans-Ulrich Krieger, 
Melanie Siegel


Thorsten Brants

Note: The week at a glance - cross- language cross
document information
extraction and translation

Jim Cowie, Yevgeny Ludovik, Sergei
Nirenburg, Hugo Molina-Salgado 

Igor Boguslavski

Demo: Structural disambiguation of 
morpho-syntactic categorial 
parsing for Korean Demo

Jeongwon Cha, Geunbae Lee

Timann Becker

Demo: XMLTrans: a Java-based
XML Transformation Language 
for Structured Data Demo 

Derek Walker, Dominique Petitpierre,
Susan Armstrong 

Note: Dependency Treebank 
for Russian: Concept, Tools,
Types of Information

Igor Boguslavsky, Svetlana Grigorieva,
Nikolai Grigoriev, Leonid Kreidlin, 
Nadezhda Frid

Note: Construction of a Hierarchical Translation

Stephan Vogel, Hermann Ney

Note: An Experiment on 
Incremental Analysis Using
Robust Parsing Techniques 

Kilian Foth, Wolfgang Menzel, 
Horia F. Pop, Ingo Schröder 

Demo: Rapid Development of 
Translation Tools: Application
to Persian and Turkish

Jan W. Amtrup, Karine Megerdoomian,
Rémi Zajac

Project Notes 


Note: A Comparison of Alignment 
Models for Statistical Machine 

Franz Josef Och, Hermann Ney

Note: Improving SMT 
quality with 
morphosyntactic Analysis

Sonja Nießen, Hermann Ney 

Demo: Decision-Tree based Error Correction for Statistical 
Phrase Break Prediction in

Byeongchang Kim, Geunbae Lee 

Project Notes 
Note: MT and Topic-Based 
Techniques to Enhance Speech
Recognition Systems for 
Professional Translators

Yevgeny Ludovik, Ron Zacharski


Note: Context-free grammar
rewriting and the transfer of 
packed linguistic 

Marc Dymetman, Frédéric Tendeau

Demo: Thistle and Interarbora 

Jo Calder

15:40 h

Annie Zaenen


Chris Mellish

Multi-topic Sessions

Massimo Poesio

16:00 h

Regular Papers

Probabilistic Parsing and
Psychological Plausibility

Thorsten Brants, Matthew Crocker


Alexandra Kinyon

Current Issues and Future 
Direction in Knowledge 
Management and Translation
Technologies [more]

Antonio Sanfilippo

Backward Beam Search
Algorithm for Dependency 
Analysis of Japanese 

Satoshi Sekine, Kiyotaka Uchimoto, 
Hitoshi Isahara

Generation, Lambek Calculus,
Montague's Semantics and 
Semantic Proof Nets

Sylvain Pogodalla

More accurate tests for the 
statistical significance of result

Alexander Yeh 

Japanese Dependecy Analysis 
Using a Deterministic Finite State Transducer

Satoshi Sekine

LFG Generation Produces 
Context-Free Languages

Ronald M. Kaplan,
Jürgen Wedekind

17:40 h
19:30 h

Friday, 4 August 2000 

Corpus Linguistics

Nancy Ide 

Machine Translation

Doug Arnold 


Nicoletta Calzolari


Manfred Pinkal

9:00 h

Regular Papers

A Statistical Theory of 
Dependency Syntax

Christer Samuelsson

Multi-level Similar Segment 
Matching Algorithm for
Translation Memories and Example-Based Machine

Emmanuel Planas, Osamu Furuse

Automatic Refinement of a 
POS Tagger Using a Reliable
Parser and Plain Text Corpora

Hideki Hirakawa,
Kenji Ono, Yumiko Yoshimura

On Underspecified Processing
of Dynamic Semantics

Alexander Koller, Joachim Niehren

Estimation of Stochastic 
Attribute-Value Grammars 
using an Informative Sample

Miles Osborne 

Using a Probabilistic Class-
Based Lexicon for Lexical 
Ambiguity Resolution

Detlef Prescher,
Stefan Riezler, Mats Rooth

Tagging of very large corpora: 
Topic-Focus Articulation

Eva Buránová, Eva Hajicová, Petr Sgall

An Integrated Model of 
Semantic and Conceptual 
Interpretation from 
Dependency Structures

Udo Hahn, Martin Romacker 

Acquisition of Phrase-level 
Bilingual Correspondence 
using Dependency Structure

Kaoru Yamamoto, Yuji Matsumoto

Data-Oriented Translation

Arjen Poutsma

Extended Models and Tools for 
High-performance Part-of-speech Tagger

Masayuki Asahara, Yuji Matsumotó 

Effects of Adjective Orientation 
and Gradability on Sentence

Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou, Janyce M. Wiebe

10:40 h
Corpus Linguistics

 Makoto Nagao

Multimodal Systems

Giovanni Varile 

Information Extraction

 Ralph Grishman


Junichi Tsujii

11:00 h

Regular Papers

Empirical Estimates of 
Adaptation: The chance of 
Two Noriegas is Closer 
to p/2 than p?

Kenneth W. Church

Taking Account of the User's 
View in 3D Multimodal 
Instruction Dialogue

Yukiko I. Nakano,
Kenji Imamura, Hisashi Ohara

Mining Tables from Large 
Scale HTML Texts

Hsin-Hsi Chen,
Shih-Chung Tsai, Jin-He Tsai

Parsing with the Shortest 

Rens Bod

Corpus-Based Development 
and Evaluation of a System for
Processing Definite

Renata Vieira, Massimo Poesio

Deixis and Conjunction in 
Multimodal Systems

Michael Johnston

Corpus-dependent Association 
Thesauri for Information

Hiroyuki Kaji, Yasutsugu Morimoto,
Toshiko Aizono, Noriyuki Yamasaki

Robust German Noun Chunking
With a Probabilistic Context-
Free Grammar

Helmut Schmid, 
Sabine Schulte im Walde

Automatic Thesaurus 
Generation through Multiple 

Kyo Kageura, Keita Tsuji, Akiko N. Aizawa

Finite-state Multimodal Parsing
and Understanding

Michael Johnston, Srinivas Bangalore

Experiments with Open-
Domain Textual Question 

Sanda M. Harabagiu,
Marius A. Pasca, Steven J. Maiorano

Committee-based Decision 
Making in Probabilistic Partial 

Takashi Inui, Kentaro Inui

12:40 h
14:00 h
Intro Hans Uszkoreit

Language Processing in the Human Brain

Angela Friederici, Max Planck Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Leipzig 

15:00 h
15:20 h
Closing session


16:30 h