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Paper Submission Notification

As soon as you think it likely that you will want to submit a paper, we ask that you fill out a simple paper submission notification form giving at least a (possibly provisional) title for the paper, your email adddress and a key consisting of between four and six characters. We will send you back a number that you can use to identify the submission in all future correspondence. You can use the number together with the key to get the form back and ammend it at any time up to the final submission deadline (15th January, 2000). The key serves like a password to prevent others from changing your submission. By the submission deadline, the form must be complete.

We would be very grateful if you would check the boxes in the latter part of the form as soon as possible so that we can form an early idea of how many papers of various kinds we are likely to receive.

If you want to modify information already provided in a previous submission, please supply the paper number and the key (password)

(This button will be fully functional starting October 7th)

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