Workshop Programme      

Workshop Programme

Efficiency in Large-scale Parsing Systems

John Carroll, University of Sussex;
Robert C. Moore, Microsoft Research;
Stephan Oepen, Saarland University

Saturday, August 5
  9.00 Registration    
  9.30 John Carroll Introduction Efficient Large-Scale Parsing - a Survey
  9.45 Ronald Kaplan

Invited Talk

Why not Cubic?
10.45   Discussion  
11.00 Coffee Break
11.30 Pavel Smrz, Ales Horak Lecture Large Scale Parsing of Czech
12.05 John C. Brown, Suresh Manandhar Lecture Precompilation of HPSG in ALE into a CFG for Fast Parsing
12.40 Ulrich Callmeier, Stephan Oepen Software Demonstration Cross-Platform, Cross-Grammar Comparison --- Can it be Done?
13.00 Lunch
14.30 Hisami Suzuki, Jessie Pinkham Software Demonstration Tools used in creating Microsoft's Large-Scale Parsers
14.50 Brian Roark, Eugene Charniak Lecture Measuring Efficiency in High-accuracy, Broad-coverage Statistical Parsing
15.25 Robert C. Moore Lecture Time as a Measure of Parsing Efficiency
16.00 Coffee Break
16.30 Anoop Sarkar, Fei Xia, Aravind Joshi Lecture Some Experiments on Indicators of Parsing Complexity for Lexicalized Grammars
17.05   Discussion  
18.00   Close  

Workshop Fees

DM 100 (regular participants), DM 50 (students); registration includes one copy of the workshop proceedings
and refreshments. Please register on-line at `' (secure form).

Programme Committee

John Carroll, University of Sussex, UK;
Gregor Erbach, Telecommunications Research Centre Vienna, Austria;
Bernd Kiefer, DFKI Saarbruecken, Germany;
Rob Malouf, Rijkuniversitet Groningen, The Netherlands;
Robert Moore, Microsoft Research, USA;
Gertjan van Noord, Rijkuniversitet Groningen, The Netherlands;
Stephan Oepen, Saarland University, Germany;
Gerald Penn, Bell Labs Research, SA;
Hadar Shemtov, Xerox Palo Alto Research Centre, USA;
and Kentaro Torisawa, Tokyo University, Japan.

Conference Information

General information about Coling 2000 is at `'.
See `' for information about this and other Coling workshops.

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